Medical Alarmselderly_couple

For elderly people who live alone, becoming incapacitated and unable to call for help is a common event, usually marking the end of their ability to live independently.

In a typical case, a neighbor notices that mail has piled up at an elderly person’s home and calls emergency services.

Statistics show that patients who are helpless for more than 72 hours have a mortality rate of 67%, as opposed to 12% for those who get help within an hour.

For anyone potentially facing prolonged periods of time spent helpless in their homes, early intervention is critical to avoiding unnecessary suffering.

Extra mobility and peace of mind no matter where you go in or around the house

  • Built-In Speaker and Microphone
  • Wide-Range Coverage
  • Waterproof

You can be doing the laundry, cleaning up the basement, gardening, looking for keepsakes in the attic, getting the paper from the porch, or playing outside with the grandchildren and still be able to talk clearly to our 24-hour EMT-Certified operators to explain the nature of your emergency without having to strain to be heard from a remote base station. This exclusive feature saves critical time in case of a true medical emergency and eliminates unnecessary, embarrassing ambulance dispatching due to a false alarm.